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VPS Equipment Services

Vineyard Equipment Solutions for Every Farmer

VPS Equipment Services offers a variety of custom vineyard equipment operations.  We focus on specialty vineyard equipment used to amplifiy sustainable practices in the vineyard and optimizing fruit quality.  Mechanical harvesting, leafing, and hedging can cut labor costs by more than half.  Contact Linnea Norton  at for a quote or more infomation on any of our services. Visit the VPS Instagram to see these implements and more in action.

Vineyard Consulting
& Development
Jean Hoeflinger
Consulting Winemaker
Having worked with Randy and his team for over a decade on some of the most prestigious vineyards in the US, I appreciate that he understands how to translate my winemaking vision into vineyard actions that translate in site specific wines.
VPS has over $2,000,000 to date in grant funding for our clients