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Vineyard Consulting & Development, Paso Robles

Winery estate properties and owner-operated vineyards sometimes need outside advice for the improvement and maintenance of high quality fruit. VPS managers work for wineries from Santa Barbara to Napa as vineyard consultants both on special projects and on retainer. Services include:

Having developed vineyards throughout the state, the team at VPS also brings a wide range of design and construction ideas to each project. Best management practices are adhered to and readily revised when new practices prove to be valuable. The topography and soil diversity of Paso Robles present unique challenges in vineyard layout. In addition to review by both their Soil Scientist and Certified Crop Advisor, VPS utilizes a number of mapping technologies and sampling to accurately shape vineyard blocks.

Recent innovations and trends in soil investigation and preparation were adopted and promoted early-on by VPS, resulting in healthier vines and faster returns on investment. Precision ripping and pre-plant fertilizer incorporation by California Agricultural Soilworks are based on GIS maps and give vineyard roots optimal tilth and nutrition during the key formative years.

Nursery-stock and type also differentiate VPS developments and vineyards. Simply choosing Certified stock does not guarantee clean wood for planting. In 2014 John Crossland wrote an open letter to the State of California’s Department of Food and Agriculture demanding certification standards and nursery protocol be revised. Through these efforts and greater testing capabilities, nurseries are now providing cleaner stock to growers. However, VPS still conducts their own testing and selective culling to best source clean wood.

Whether developing a five-acre hobby vineyard or investing in a section of land, VPS specializes in customizing vineyards to meet each need.

VPS has planted over 50 vineyards on the Central Coast.  See a list of development & redevelopment clients here.

Vineyard Consulting
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Tony Correia
The Correia Company
It has been my good fortune to have known and worked with Randy Heinzen for many years, in both the Central Coast and the heady arena of Napa Valley. His obvious viticultural skills and knowledge are exceeded only by his unique ability to understand and implement the econometrics of vineyard investments, development and management, walking the tightrope of creating and preserving value while minimizing risks.
In 2019, VPS brokered over 4,000 tons worth nearly $8 million at over 24% above District averages