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Vineyard Management, Paso Robles

Vineyard Professional Services manages vineyards in San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties, with operations centered in and around Paso Robles. As a full-service company, VPS handles all facets of a vineyard's life (acquistion and development to removal) and annual operating needs (planting to picking). In addition to being a licensed Farm Labor Contractor, VPS has an extensive inventory of modern equipment, including precision viticulture monitoring systems, high efficiency sprayers, and grape harvesters with sorting capability.

Unique to a large vineyard management company, all VPS managers have college degrees and experience farming inside and outside of San Luis Obispo county. Each manager is supported by several field foremen and assistant vineyard managers and further aided by a Viticulture Logistics Manager. The structure at VPS emphasizes a team approach to client satisfaction, with honesty, integrity and transparency maintained throughout all operations. As evidenced with the number of post-graduate degrees and accreditations, VPS personnel take professional pride in farming to meet each client's need and are committed to viticultural excellence.

VPS also provides clients with high level administrative and accounting support. The accounting and budget systems keep clients informed of the economic transactions on a monthly basis with a monthly and year-to-date comparison to their annual budgets. The communication and budget reporting needs are tailored to each client and strict internal controls maintain fiscal responsibility and transparency for each client account.

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Tony Correia
The Correia Company
It has been my good fortune to have known and worked with Randy Heinzen for many years, in both the Central Coast and the heady arena of Napa Valley. His obvious viticultural skills and knowledge are exceeded only by his unique ability to understand and implement the econometrics of vineyard investments, development and management, walking the tightrope of creating and preserving value while minimizing risks.
Leading the Central Coast in water use technologies, VPS utilizes over 80 soil, water, and canopy sensors in our vineyards