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Linda Jaimes

Viticulture Logistics Manager

Linda started her career at VPS directly after graduating from Fresno State in 2016 with a degree in Viticulture. As an Assistant Vineyard Manager, Linda worked with VPS clients from Greenfield to Santa Barbara and Shandon to Adelaida during her first four years. Her fastidiousness and analytical mind led to her routinely being called to scout and sample for virus vines and mine through records for viticultural clues and answers. In March of 2020, Jaimes accepted the role of Viticulture Logistics Manager. She now directs the equipment and personnel scheduling for all equipment operations at VPS. Also under her purview is the execution and planning of custom equipment applications across the Central Coast through Vineyard Equipment Services. Having grown up in the vineyard industry locally in San Miguel, Linda has an advanced understanding of the logistical challenges of vineyard applications and the most efficient way of accomplishing them. 

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Austin Hope
Hope Family Wines
Randy has been a key component in our quest for excellence and sustainability, not only  in our estate vineyard but also an advisor for us on our 50 plus family farmed vineyards that go into making all our Austin Hope wines. Randy has global experience from Australia to Napa and has worked on some of the most sought after vineyards in the world. His knowledge and approach to developing and growing world class wine grapes is unparalleled. The Paso Robles wine community is very fortunate to have Randy helping shape this region to be the best it can be.
VPS has over $2,000,000 to date in grant funding for our clients