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Leading Harvest LogoVineyard Professional Services, Inc. (VPS) is excited to announce its participation in the Leading Harvest sustainability accreditation. Leading Harvest is an independent nonprofit created to serve the broad agricultural community to which it provides an umbrella framework in independently verifying and continually improving sustainable land management. With over 1.2 million acres of farmland enrolled and on the path to third-party certification, Leading Harvest works with 90 different row and permanent crop types across 29 states and areas across the globe.

VPS continues to progress towards a more sustainable and socially conscience company as we become more ingrained in the wider ESG movement, joining follow Leading Harvest participants PGIM Real Estate, the Westchester Group, Hancock Natural Resource Group, and many others. Since our founding twenty four years ago, we have prided ourselves in managing our client’s properties in a sustainable and responsible fashion, adhering to our Core Values of integrity and honesty. We provide an unparalleled level of financial transparency across all operations, and have a unique focus on the minimization of client liability through informed compliance management. Coupled with the breadth and depth of expertise we bring to each property, Leading Harvest’s accreditation further cements VPS as a leader in vineyard management.

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Austin Hope
Hope Family Wines
Randy has been a key component in our quest for excellence and sustainability, not only  in our estate vineyard but also an advisor for us on our 50 plus family farmed vineyards that go into making all our Austin Hope wines. Randy has global experience from Australia to Napa and has worked on some of the most sought after vineyards in the world. His knowledge and approach to developing and growing world class wine grapes is unparalleled. The Paso Robles wine community is very fortunate to have Randy helping shape this region to be the best it can be.
Randy Heinzen has grown fruit for seven 100 point wines!