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Vineyard Professional Services

Paso Robles, California

Founded in Paso Robles in 1997, Vineyard Professional Services, Inc. works throughout the Central Coast providing vineyard management, wine business leadership and a range of consulting services to wineries, growers and investors. President Randy Heinzen and Founder John Crossland lead the most experienced team of vineyard managers, agronomic consultants and pest control advisors on the Central Coast. VPS currently manages over 2,400 acres in Montery, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties and has designed and developed over fifty properties in the last twenty years. In addition to vineyard development projects, VPS conducts due diligence requirements, constructs vineyard budgets and prepares vineyard financial forecasts. The professional and accredited team of farm managers provide winery estates with viticultural consulting on over 1,500 acres, spanning the Santa Rita Hills, Santa Maria, westside Paso Robles, and Monterey areas. VPS uses sustainable and organic practices to most effectively grow vineyard assets for quality and client profitability.